Monday, 5 July 2010

Blowin' your mind...

If you're into songs filled with emotion then the next video will be to your liking. The blues influenced song by Van Morrison has to be one of the most emotional songs ever written and in the studio version of the song, it is clear how much feeling Van put into the recording.

In fact, in the liner notes of the album "T.B sheets" (1973), it is stated that after the recording of the song the rest of the session had to be cancelled, because Van broke down into tears.

The story of the song is of a young girl in hospital dying from tuberculosis and the storyteller, feeling guilt over the young girl's situation, wants to escape the hospital room and its smell of death and disease.

The way Van Morrison's voice, full of emotion, cries over the top of the blues co-ordination of guitar and the harsh sounds of the harmonica, it is impossible not to feel the song's overflowing emotion. It is definitely one of the best written songs of all time.

T.B Sheets can be found on Van's album "Blowin Your Mind" (1967).

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