Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I saw it written...

Nick Drake, in the last couple of decades, has become one of the standing figures of singer-songwriter music. There is no doubt that he has deserved this recent popularity, but one can't help feel that it's rather ironic and almost unfortunate that it came after his life ended. Especially as Nick Drake's desire for popularity drove him to depression, whilst his masterpieces fell on deaf ears.

It was the lack of subscription to the music of Drake that can perhaps be blamed for his unfortunate and untimely death: not directly, but if it wasn't for the desire to be heard, Drake's life may have been different.

As for his fame now, it has mainly stemmed from a clause in Drake's contract with Island records (thanks to his manager Joe Boyd) to ensure that his music never went out of print. Furthermore, although Drake's music wasn't a mainstream success, artists such as Robert Smith named Drake as an influence. In addition to new mainstream artists using Drake's name, popularising his music, several biographies and documentaries, beginning in 1997, were released on the life of Nick Drake. However, the main boost for Drake's music was the Volkswagen advert in 2000, which used the song "Pink Moon".

As a result of the advert, Drake's albums sold more in the month after the Advert first aired, than in the previous 30 years.

Pink Moon was the name of Nick Drake's third album and it was Drake's final released effort to be heard, whilst he was alive.

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