Saturday, 5 June 2010

Don't Let Me Down, from the roof.

Another famous live performance everyone should see is that of the Beatles on top of the Apple building in 1970; their last public performance. The set that the Beatles played was filmed for the film/documentary that they released, 'let it be', and it was a perfect end to a magnificent band.
During the performance the nearby streets of London came to a standstill, in awe (or annoyance) of the Beatle's performance. The streets of London had to endure just over 40 minutes of disruption, which was put to an end by the Police when they ordered the band to stop.
Soon after the performance (30 January 1969)relations within the band began to collapse and almost a year later the band split. The biggest band of all time came to an end after a marvellous showcase performance.

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