Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Generation would never do that.

The next performance is by a band I mentioned in the last post, The Who. Another band, like the Hendrix Experience, who like to smash things as part of their act. Hendrix and the Who were the forerunners in this activity of smashing everything in sight during a set and that is why they are remembered, as well as being great songwriters, as great artists.
This particular performance of the Who's was in 1967 on the 'Smothers Brother Comedy Hour', an American broadcast. The performance was like any other performance, right until the end when, in true Who fashion, they began to destroy their instruments. You may read this and think 'that's what they always do?' And you'd be correct, but add a cheeky Keith Moon with too many explosives contained within his drums and you get an interesting result. I'm sure the now almost fully deaf Pete Townshend would agree.

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