Friday, 25 June 2010

Time of the era

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but there has been a small matter of a certain football tournament that has taken my attention. I have, however, managed to sit down and get this post sorted.

Okay, now if you have ever seen a Vietnam war film then you are most likely to have heard this song from one of those. The 60s Brit band, The Zombies, formed in 1959 and were big hits in the USA with their tracks "She's not there", "Tell her no" and the song I am posting today "Time of the Season."

Unfortunately for the British band, Time of the season did not chart in their home nation, but it was surprisingly popular in the USA, charting at number 3 in 1969. One can only be surprised as to how this particular song did not do as well in Britain, but it has certainly been remembered in retrospect as a song to define the era it came from.

As soon as I hear this hit I instantly think of the sixties and especially the Vietnam War, which is why I think the title is so eerily effective: the sixties were all about music. The song's make up is pure sixties: from the vocals to the organ; everything about the song oozes that time.

The band have not been remembered as one of the defining bands of the era, but they were an important band of the sixties. The Zombies' album "Odessey and Oracle" was voted within the top 100 of Rolling Stone magazine's top 500, and has to be listened by anyone who believes themself to be a 60s music fan.

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