Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hell's Angels give Sympathy for the Devil

The next live performance I have chosen is Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. This performance is taken from the Stones' show at Altamont in 1969, where the concert security were none other than Hell's Angels. Yes. Big scary men, who like fights and hate hippies.
The reason for hiring the Angels has never been clarified, but what is sure is the amount of trouble that went down at the now infamous festival. There was at least one murder at the festival, during the Rolling Stones' set and it was caught on camera.
The Grateful Dead were also supposed to appear at the festival that the Stones organised, but pulled out after there had been several cases of violence at Altamont. The Dead also advised against the use of Hell's Angels as security, but the Stones' management went ahead and used them anyway. The worst decision ever.
This performance isn't one the Stones will wish to remember, but it does show how live shows were a lot different to today.

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