Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I'd rather chase a bee inside a jar than go out in Uxbridge sober.

I am sitting up at gone 2am drinking a can of cider (which is disgusting)that my friend gave me (as a result of me lending him £30) and I am feeling a bit apathetic about absolutely everything. I have, therefore, chosen this next song because it carries nothing in relation to anything. So precisely how I feel. Like chasing a bee inside a jar.

Mercury Rev were, in my opinion, one of the finest bands of the nineties; their first three albums were masterpieces in psychedelic mixed up fuckedness- my favourite genre. I find it difficult to understand why they were not as popular with a generation of grunge kids looking for new, far-reaching music when David Baker was in the band, yet when he left and the songs became as boring as a night out in Uxbridge sober, the band's popularity rose. That probably says more about me than it does the taste of the majority of people.

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