Monday, 24 May 2010

Live Life Live.

Today's a very sunny day and I am stuck inside at the moment, waiting to go for lunch with some friends; being inside sweating, whilst not exercising, gave me the inspiration to think of a theme for the next few videos that I will post. So, When was I ever as sweaty as this from doing something that didn't involve exercise (or sex)? It was When I went to see Pearl Jam live.

Therefore, the next few videos will be of live performances from various artists, who fall under the category of 'fucking amazing', or something similar, in live performances. The first live performace will have to belong to Pearl Jam, as I have already mentioned them and they are more than suitable.

Pearl Jam were arguably the greatest live band of the nineties and, to some extent, the greatest band of that era, too. During the early years of the 90s and the Seattle 'grunge' scene, Pearl Jam were thought to have brought grunge to the mainstream, because they received critical acclaim and sold a lot of records. However, many criticised Pearl Jam for 'jumping on the bandwagon' of the grunge scene, with criticism coming famously from Kurt Cobain. In brutal honesty, Pearl Jam were the better band and their logevity is, perhaps, a sign of that. However, the Music Media has chosen Nirvana as the symbol of 90s grunge, which is perhaps fair, considering Pearl Jam, although they were a Seattle band had a different sound to Nirvana.

Before Cobain's death in 1994 Pearl Jam were the dominant band in the gunge scene, with their 2nd album VS (5 against 1) hitting number 1 in the US billboards and breaking several records on the way. Pearl Jam were the MTV band of the early 90s, which is why the live performance I have chosen is from the MTV awards of 1993; possibly the best Pearl Jam performace. There is an edginess and clear passion to the performance, which doesn't get seen in live performances from bands of today.

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